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Deirdre's consumed with guilt that she didn't put a stop to Tracy and Charlie's relationship. She blames Ken for stopping her from wading in. Jason persuades Sarah to look after Holly for the day in the salon while he goes to work. Gail's disapproving. Claire tells Deirdre she's organising a petition in support of Tracy. Carla gets the factory girls to stop sewing knickers and sew kids' dungarees instead. Liam's furious but tries to cover, pretending he gave her permission. Fiz moves Chesney into the salon flat with her and Maria, but Maria refuses to let Schmeichel move in too. Ken and Deirdre visit Tracy in prison. Tracy plays the frightened victim and tells them that she's sacked her solicitor and that top brief Jayne Simon will take her case on. Audrey asks Bill to move in with her. He's delighted. Kevin, Sally and Gail all disapprove. Les calls at Fiz's flat. He admits he's neglected Chesney of late and promises to mend his ways but Fiz isn't impressed, insisting Chesney's staying with her. Ken, Deirdre, Blanche, Peter and Adam are united in their support of Tracy.


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