Val can't cope with Albert, Susan, and Peter all day. Albert offers to help with the housework and grumbles when she takes him up on it. Len agrees to Dave's proposal. Dave tells Ernie Mills to warn him if Phil Ferguson and Eric Briggs come into the betting shop. Lucille plans to matchmake between Emily and Brian Thomas. Dave receives an SOS from Ernie at the Rovers. Elsie is disappointed in Len when he doesn't go along to back Dave up. Lucille and Dennis meet Brian and Ron Jenkins at Jackson's Chip Shop and chat Emily up. Brian doesn't know how to get things started with women. Phil and Eric refuse to leave the betting shop and a stand-off with Dave ensues. Albert feels unwanted at No.9. Jack thinks he's seeing how far he can push the Barlows as the time will come when he can't live alone. Dave manages to deal with the thugs himself, punching Phil in the eye and hitting Eric with a piece of wood. Elsie and Len arrive as he gains the upper hand. Beaten, the men agree to leave. Dave tells Len it's up to him to keep his end of the bargain now. Brian goes to Gamma Garments to meet Emily but they only exchange a brief introduction before Emily leaves for Head Office to respond to a summons from Mr. Papagopolous. Ena refuses to drop the petition and suspects the thugs were paid off by Dave. Ron tells Dennis that Brian is still in love with Val. They persuade Brian to ask Emily for advice about a girl he's sweet on. Emily returns from Head Office.


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