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After last night Charlie's taking no chances. He tells a clearly scared Tracy that by the time he comes back from court that afternoon he wants her out of the house. The Barlows prepare for court, but Ken doubts that Charlie will be locked up. Roy is rushed off his feet at the cafe, as Becky hasn't turned up after her date. When Rob finally drops her off he gives her the impression he won't call again. Becky's clearly upset but puts a brave face on things. Tracy's genuinely upset at being told to get out. When Charlie leaves for court, Claire comes round to see her. Seeing what Charlie has reduced her to, crying to Claire, Tracy's nerve is strengthened and Claire is left thinking that she'll leave him. Charlie returns from court, having only been given community service. He's menacing to Tracy, and plays his music loud acting like the lord of the manor. As they start to argue, the music and shouting raise Claire's suspicions. Tracy doesn't want to leave, so Charlie packs her bags for her. With a plan forming, Tracy tries to get Charlie to kneel and propose to her. Charlie laughs her off and goes to get her bags. In a last attempt to get Charlie into position, Tracy gets him to sit for a lap dance. Charlie's intrigued and sits to watch the show. With the music loud, and Charlie in position, Tracy picks up an ornament and smashes it across his head, but the first hit fails to kill him.


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