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Peter arrives from Portsmouth. Ken and Deirdre persuade him to stay with Tracy so he can keep an eye on her. Vernon's trying to shirk his duties of writing quiz questions, and cons Steve and Michelle into writing him a couple of rounds. Jason continues to adapt to fatherhood, struggling with nappies. Carla gets Kelly to work her lunch and during breaks on her new dungarees. The rest of the factory girls are narked that they haven't been offered extra work. Becky sparks with a customer, Rob in the cafe. Norris tries to persuade Roy to join his quiz team, but Roy refuses somehow falling into a team with Hayley and Becky. Peter brings his stuff to Tracy's, and they make plans for that evening. Steve and Michelle bicker over the quiz rounds, both trying to outdo each other. Liam's becoming annoyed with Carla using his desk and borrowing his factory staff. Jason persuades a depressed Violet to babysit while he goes to the quiz with Sarah. Rob returns as Becky is heading to the Rovers to give her a generous tip. Jason remarks to Charlie that he saw Tracy with a bloke. Charlie flies off the handle and storms round to the house. Peter is in the shower, and Tracy lets Charlie think the worst when he sees Peter's shirt on the sofa. Charlie rushes upstairs.


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