Stan gets bored of being the yard secretary. Len isn't sure what to do about the petition and takes advice from another councillor. Emily decides to revert back to her old image. Ena holds a protest meeting at the Vestry. Dave gatecrashes and tells the protesters they haven't a hope of closing him down. Lucille asks Annie to compliment Emily on her appearance to boost her confidence. Annie obliges and calls Emily elegant, only for Dennis to tell Emily not to take any notice of the old square. Stan does his back in again when he shifts some scaffolding. He's about to start drinking the pain away when Hilda drags him home. Ena demands to know whether Len is backing the residents. He tells them he can't lead the fight against Dave in court as it'll look like a personal vendetta over Elsie. Elsie suggests to Dennis that Emily's image would change if she was trying to attract a man. Len realises he has to back his voters. Elsie tells him she doesn't care about her reputation. Lucille thinks she's got the ideal man for Emily. Hilda massages Stan until he is better. Dave tells Len he'd rather avoid the court case as he'll have the police sniffing around even if he wins. He promises to keep the thugs out of the betting shop if Len will get will get Ena to drop the petition. Len doesn't trust him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Stan gets a massage and Dennis gets a message
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,200,000 homes (14th place - this low rating was explained by the BBC airing the comedy series Till Death Us Do Part directly against this episode).
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