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Les worries about how he's going to pay back all the money to those people who were duped into paying for Cilla's holiday. Vera's fed up of the new helpful Jack. She wants her old, lazy Jack back. Frankie tells Jamie she's changed her mind and doesn't want to move to Spain with him. She tells devastated Jamie their relationship is over and she's going to stay with a mate in Essex. Liz hosts a fancy dress party at the Rovers. The theme is "Stars of the Silver Screen". Sean is a cowboy from Brokeback Mountain, Liz is Sally Bowles, Violet is Marilyn Monroe, Michelle is an American cheerleader. Michelle's annoyed Liz is making her work on New Year's Eve and she's missing Sonny's party. Steve secretly sets up the back room with candles and champagne on ice hoping to toast the New Year with Michelle at midnight. Tracy winds Charlie up by flirting with a bloke in the Rovers. As the clock strikes midnight, Steve's crestfallen to find Michelle and Sonny kissing each other in the bar. Liz thinks the champagne and candles are for her and Vernon's happy to take the glory. Danny phones Jamie saying he's pleased Jamie and Frankie have split up and that he's sold his 60% of the factory and the flat in the Quays. Jamie's furious, thinking his father is back with Frankie but in a riverside apartment at an unknown location, a pleased Danny and a new girlfriend watch the New Year fireworks together.


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