Emily entrusts herself into Elsie's hands to create her new image. Elsie sends her to the hairdresser and beauty consultant before having her fitted for a dress at Modes. Ena finds out from neighbours of Dave's shop that what happened to Albert is nothing new. As Dave's betting licence is up for renewal in April, she starts a petition to have the shop closed down. Jack signs it, angering Annie who is worried about losing customers. Stan shows Len a doctor's note saying he can't do any heavy work. Emily has the beauty treatment but feels tarty and not at all herself. She hides away in Gamma's back room until she plucks up the courage to show her face. Dennis and Lucille are full of compliments but Hilda sends her scurrying through to the back again when she says it doesn't suit her. Albert takes Ena's advice and contacts the police. Annie tells Dave about the petition. Ena and Jack ask Len to sign the petition as 'Councillor', which he does after surveying his voters' opinions. Len puts Stan in the office to work but he can't add up. Emily doesn't feel her new image makes any difference to how she deals with customers. Elsie talks Dave out of confronting Len about the petition. Facing Len herself, she accuses him of being jealous of her and Dave.


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