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Chesney's downbeat as he waits to hear Cilla's results. Tracy's evasive when Steve tries to arrange a time to have Amy over Christmas. Claire discusses Tracy with Ashley, as she helps out in the butchers. Tracy changes her mind about Amy when she forms a plan regarding Charlie over Christmas. Steve is suspicious but welcomes the opportunity of having Amy for a few days. Violet's frustration over Jamie wells up and she tells Michelle in the Rovers. Eavesdropping Norris strains to hear, but Violet plainly tells him the truth. Michelle is tired of waiting for Steve to get his act together so she tells him to ask her out, and even tells him the time and place to ask her! Frankie returns from Spain to knowing looks and comments from Norris. Jamie is forced to tell her that the truth is out, and that Violet's pregnant with his baby. Ashley and Claire return home after work to find Joshua, unfed, wide awake and running round the living room with Bev. Claire's annoyed. Chesney, Fiz, Kirk, and Les celebrate Cilla's "un-birthday" with a cake. Frankie and Jamie's worries grow as they start to wonder whether Danny's still alive.


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