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Tracy burns herself, shouting out Charlie's name as she does so. Claire hears her and rushes round. While Tracy continues to play downtrodden, Claire "convinces" her to come with her to the medical centre. As Michelle arranges the afternoon off for her and Violet she gives Liz the impression that she's pregnant. Sophie and Chesney wind Jack up by calling him Vince St. Clair. They tell Jack that sometimes Sophie just "hears" names. They continue to wind him up mentioning Dulcie Froggatt. Bev, Claire and Gail all come to the conclusion that Charlie must have burnt Tracy's arm. When Charlie returns, Tracy hides behind Claire. Inside No.4, Claire "forces" a confession out of Tracy. Audrey engineers an invite for Bill to No.8 for Christmas dinner. Liz confronts Michelle about being pregnant, to which Michelle just laughs knowing Liz is continuing to interfere in Steve's life. Liam has also sought legal advice and tells Paul and Carla that if Danny is a no-show for six months then the factory would become solely his. Violet's mind is wandering in the Rovers and when Jamie walks in she runs off crying to Liz's dismay. Violet tells Michelle in the back room she wants to keep the baby and resolves to tell Jamie.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy proves she's got a few screws loose by burning herself with an iron to increase Claire's level of concern. Violet thinks a termination is her only option, despite Michelle's suggestion that she tell Jamie about the baby before making a decision.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,070,000 viewers (2nd place).
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