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Violet's ill in the morning, and tells an inquisitive Michelle she thinks she's pregnant. When Tracy continues to act strangely, it seems as if Charlie has had enough and tells her that he wants to end it between them. Tracy's forced to change her tune and worm her way back into Charlie's affections. Violet takes a pregnancy test. Violet tells Michelle it must be Jamie's. She promises to help Violet and arranges for them both to visit the family planning clinic later. Jamie goes to see Liam and Paul, showing them the scrap of paper Danny gave him, They laugh him off the premises. Tracy's flirty with Charlie in a Rovers booth, winning him back round, but her plan is almost scuppered when Claire sees her. Violet doesn't want to tell Liz, and resolves with Michelle to have an abortion. Jamie decides to see a solicitor regarding Danny's note. Knowing she needs to get Claire back on side, Tracy goes to extreme measures. She goes to burn her own arm with the iron...


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