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Everyone except Sally is amused when Bill comes back next morning. Kevin asks his dad to set a better example in front of the girls, but Bill says he slept in Audrey's spare room. Jason and Sean are supportive as a nervous Eileen prepares for the christening. Norris gets no sympathy from Emily, Amber and Rita for ending up at the police station over the Ryan incident. Tracy's nasty about Claire to Charlie, pretending she's not looking forward to the christening. Bev's emotional at the christening, but Yvonne Casey thinks she's getting a free ride from Ashley and Claire. Tracy arrives late and downcast, keeping up her lie. Freddie is christened, with Eileen, Bev, Kevin and Roy as his godparents. Liam is still on the hunt for Danny, as his pre-signed cheques are running out. Audrey invites Bill to "move into her spare room". Gail's worried of what people will think of her mum, and Sally's disapproval of Bill is clear as he packs his things. Tracy is bored at the christening party and makes the excuse that Charlie will want her back soon and leaves. Jamie resolves with Sean that if his dad is going to act like this, then he's more than happy to take his flat and his business. Ryan makes no friends with Chesney, Rita, Emily or Amber as he smirks about Norris on the street. As Audrey and Bill set off, Gail and Sally are left fuming.


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