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Tracy pretends that Charlie's scaring her, she screams making sure Claire can hear her from next door. She pushes Charlie to go for a drink with Jason. Frankie resolves to tell Warren the truth about her and Jamie before Danny can. Les decides to convert the attic into another bedroom for Chesney. Making sure Claire's at home, Tracy unscrews the door handle and locks herself into her bedroom. She begins to scream to Claire for help. Jamie and Frankie visit Danny's flat to find out that he has left without taking anything. Claire rescues Tracy, but while protesting she did it herself, lets Claire think Charlie locked her in. The factory girls are nursing hangovers as Claire comes to tell Bev her suspicions of what Charlie is doing to Tracy. Bill Webster returns to the street and makes plans to stay for a few weeks with the Websters. Bev tells Ken and Deirdre of Claire's suspicions, and Deirdre goes round to see Tracy. Tracy plays the wounded child but fobs her mum off and away from the house. Jamie tells Sean about Danny's exit, who tells him to inform Liam that his partner's gone, but Jamie decides not to. Deirdre visits Claire and resolves to get to the truth regarding Tracy and Charlie.


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