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Frankie is clearly fretting as she continues to ring Jamie. Eileen and Liz don't understand why Danny would want to hurt Jamie and Frankie is forced to retreat from the Rovers. Danny drives Jamie to a quiet viaduct and demands he get out of the car. Danny becomes slightly hysterical as Jamie refuses to listen to him and climbs on to the balustrade of the viaduct. Kelly, Fiz, Sean, Janice, Joanne, Sally, Hayley, Paul, Liam, Michelle and Carla all attend Underworld's Christmas do at the Italian. Carla instils a "them and us" attitude. Norris sets up in the front room with his goggles, but while he's out of the room Emily puts them on and scares him with her impression of Hannibal Lecter. Danny continues to rile Jamie, threatening to jump, making Jamie plead him not to. But Danny abruptly turns around and tells Jamie that isn't what he wants. Persuading him up onto the balustrade with him, Danny tells Jamie he wants his forgiveness. Norris is looking though his goggles, as Tracy and Charlie see him staring at them through their bedroom window. Charlie comes round to have it out with Norris but he hides behind Emily. Teetering on the edge, Danny throws all his keys to Jamie and tells him he wants him to have everything. Danny leans back and grabs Jamie before he falls. He tries to goad Jamie into letting him fall. Emotional Jamie tells him he doesn't want him to die. Danny pulls himself back up, and walks off into the night.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Danny brings his high-speed car ride to a dramatic end when he arrives at the viaduct and issues Jamie a heartbreaking ultimatum; Paul's wife Carla makes waves at the Underworld party by lording it over the factory girls; and Norris's night vigil lands him in trouble.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,400,000 viewers (5th place).
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