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Cilla's shocked when the doctor tells her that she's got skin cancer. Liam's annoyed with Danny for disappearing without a trace. He quizzes Sean but he denies he knows anything. Tracy continues to feign illness. Claire becomes more suspicious than ever that Charlie is bullying and abusing Tracy. Sarah's annoyed when Gail tells her she's buying David an old car to do up in order to keep him out of trouble. Les and Yana get drunk together and have sex. Cilla arrives home and is furious to find her supposed best friend cosying up to her husband. Les accuses her of having an affair and throws her out. Danny sits on the edge of the viaduct shrouded in misery. He gets a call from Warren to say that Port Vale have turned him down. Cilla goes to see Fiz and is upset to discover that Fiz also thinks she's been having an affair. Drunken Les comforts Chesney promising that he can stay with him now Cilla's gone. Danny returns to the factory and admits to Liam that Frankie's left him. As Liam leaves Danny breaks down distraught. Cilla tells Fiz she's got skin cancer. Fiz is shocked.


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