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The factory girls are in a good mood after winning the darts match. Paul tells them he lost the match on purpose but they don't believe him. Rita arrives back from Hungary. She's angry with Norris as she explains how it's his fault that she ended up in hospital with a broken foot and deep vein thrombosis when he tried to swipe the last bread roll at the hotel's breakfast buffet, pushing her out of the way up in the process. Norris buys her some trainers with flashing lights by way of an apology. Making sure Claire's in earshot, Tracy pretends that Charlie's on the phone and that he's not happy about her going out with Claire. Frankie and Jamie call at Danny's flat to collect Frankie's clothes. Danny is incandescent with rage, disgusted with his ex-wife for sleeping with her stepson. Hayley sees Becky snogging Slug in the street. She tries to talk to her about self-respect and raises the issue of stealing from the cafe. Becky denies she's taken anything and storms off. Danny throws Frankie's suitcase at Jamie's van. Clothes spill everywhere. Danny can no longer contain his fury and a fight ensues. He hits Jamie again and again and they roll off the quayside into the water. Frankie's beside herself thinking Danny's drowned Jamie but she manages to revive him. As Danny's anger subsides he realises he nearly killed his own son.


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