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David's on his PlayStation but Gail's concerned at the level of violence in the games. Delighted Claire tells Eileen she's arranged for her to be baptised before the christening so she can be Freddie's godmother. Frankie says an emotional goodbye to Warren as he leaves for Spain. Les tells Fiz he suspects Cilla's having an affair. Slug, a down and out friend of Becky's turns up in the cafe. Becky serves him and then pockets the money. Vera again warns Hayley about Becky's stealing. Jason takes Sarah to the cinema. They enjoy themselves but Jason's disappointed when Sarah refuses a goodnight kiss. The darts match takes place between Paul, Liam, Danny and Michelle versus the factory girls. The girls win meaning the management has to take them out for Christmas dinner. Jamie calls at Danny's flat and begs Frankie to reconsider. She tries to deny her love for him but can't and they kiss passionately. Danny heads home with a takeaway for him and Frankie. He pushes open the bedroom door and is horrified to find Frankie and Jamie in bed together. In a rage, Danny throws Jamie out of the flat.


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