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Frankie hides upstairs whilst Jamie pretends to Danny he's no idea where she is. After a couple of close shaves, Frankie manages to get Danny to drive over to the flat, saying she's already there. Roy gives Becky £5 and insists she returns it to Tyrone with an apology. Bev gets on Ashley and Claire's nerves with her constant interfering. They decide to make some holiday plans and talk about a christening for Freddie. Chesney confides in Fiz and Kirk that he's worried Cilla might be seeing another man. Steve gives Vernon the job of potman and cellarman. Liz is delighted but Vernon's secretly peeved at the idea of doing some work. Danny, Frankie and Jamie have an awkward meal together. When Jamie goes to leave, Frankie secretly hides his house keys. Becky returns Tyrone's money. Tyrone's pleased and promises not to boycott the cafe. Les is put out when Cilla refuses to model the new silk nightie he's bought her. Jamie discovers he's locked out and phones Frankie. Frankie uses this as an excuse to go and see him. Jamie tells Frankie he's fed up all the lies and wants to tell Danny about their relationship.


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