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Liz and Michelle have a go at Steve for lying to Bev. Steve likens Bev to a clingy wet shower curtain and is mortified to discover she's overheard him. Bev packs her things and leaves, looking hurt. Liz is shocked when Vernon turns up at the Rovers bearing flowers and a balloon which reads "I luv Liz". He begs Liz for a second chance and eventually wins her round. Bev calls at No.4 but Ashley and Claire are busy with the baby. Bev returns to the Rovers realising she's nowhere else to go. Frankie and Jamie steal a kiss in the Rovers' toilets. Sean, sickened by Jamie's behaviour, likens him to Danny and they have a huge row. Gail and another member of the parenting class take part in mother and teenager role-plays. Steve's annoyed he has to work the switch at Street Cars and misses his own pub launch party. Claire calls at No.6 to see Tracy. Tracy puts on an act playing the downtrodden girlfriend. She tells Claire how she'd stay with Charlie at any price. Kelly's annoyed with Hayley for having anything to do with Becky. Steve arrives back at the pub to find Bev asleep on the sofa and overhears Liz and Vernon laughing upstairs. Jamie tells Sean the only way he can get Frankie out of his head is if he moves away for good.


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