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Steve's finding it difficult to run both Street Cars and the Rovers. Danny announces his engagement to the factory girls but they're underwhelmed. Jason starts to win Sarah round by offering to babysit for Bethany. Steve and Liz proudly replace Fred's name above the Rovers' door with Liz's name. Steve tackles Bev about moving out of the pub. In desperation he lies to her saying that Michelle and Ryan are waiting to move in. Danny and Frankie celebrate their engagement in the Rovers. Jamie puts on a false smile and joins them. Jamie secretly believes the reason Frankie's agreed to marry Danny is simply to act as a cover for her true feelings for him. Becky latches on to Hayley and insists on getting the bus to the literacy class with her. Kelly's stunned to find out Becky's back on the scene. Tracy confides in Claire that things are difficult between she and Charlie. To Claire's surprise, she invites her round for a drink. Bev finds out from Michelle she's no intention of moving into the Rovers. Gail attends her first parenting class. She finds the experience deeply humiliating.


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