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Hayley starts her voluntary work at a literacy class for ex-offenders. She's taken aback when finds Becky is in the class. Tracy makes a point of going in the Rovers and announcing that she and Charlie are back together. Charlie's suspicious and wonders if she's planning her revenge. Jamie's distraught at the idea of Frankie moving to Spain. He lies to Danny saying if they don't move abroad he'd like to rebuild his relationship with him. Danny's ecstatic thinking Jamie's starting to forgive him. Sophie's mortified when her family find out she's in love with her dance teacher Mr Spence. As Hayley ends the literacy class, Becky follows her out. She tells Hayley how sorry she is for framing Kelly but Hayley's disbelieving. Frankie's furious with Jamie. She tells him that if he doesn't leave her alone she will move away by herself. Jack's perturbed when Vera, Molly and Fiz announce they're planning a trip to Amsterdam leaving him on his own for his birthday. Cilla arrives back from the cosmetic surgery clinic having changed her mind. Yana and Les are bemused when she's adamant she no longer wants a boob job. Liam and Paul are cheesed off when Danny tells them the factory is no longer for sale. Audrey enjoys a few drinks with Bill. Danny's delighted when Jamie agrees to join him and Frankie for a drink.


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