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Charlie tells Tracy she either forgives him and they live together or she gets out of the house as it belongs to him, but Tracy thinks he's the one who should move out. Bill borrows Kevin's tools and puts up the shelving in the salon for Audrey. Charlie gets Jason to help him change the locks at No.6. They then clear out all Tracy's stuff and dump it in the back yard of No.1. He texts Tracy to tell her. Cilla tells Yana how she'd quite like to have a boob job. Tracy's incensed to find her stuff in the back yard and the locks changed at No.6 although Deirdre and Blanche are relieved as she'll have to move back home. Bill persuades Kevin and Tyrone to have a night out on the tiles with him. Gail, Sarah, David and Audrey have their first session with the family mediator. Everybody's taken aback when David says how he wishes he was someone else. Frankie finally persuades Danny it's a good idea for them to move to Spain and make a fresh start. Charlie returns to the street in a taxi with a blonde in tow. Tracy sees him leading his new girlfriend into No.6 and quietly vows to kill him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy finds the locks at number six have been changed and all her belongings are in bags outside the Barlows'; the Platts unburden themselves at a counselling session, with Sarah blaming David for all their woes; and Frankie persuades Danny that they should move to Spain - without telling him why she wants to go.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,580,000 viewers (4th place).
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