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Chesney starts his paper round. He's disappointed he won't be paid until the end of the week. To Gail's amazement David announces he's going to school. Unbeknown to her David is just trying to avoid Charlie and figures school is the safest place. Deirdre tries to persuade Tracy to move back home with Amy but she refuses. Bill calls in the salon. He agrees to put some shelves up for Audrey in exchange for a haircut. Audrey's pleased to see him. Jamie gives Frankie a pile of mail, amongst which is a letter which tells her of his true feelings for her. He suggests they move away where no one knows them. Liam suggests to Maria they could perhaps try again and go on a date. Charlie tells Maria he wants her out of the flat. She packs her things and moves back in with Fiz in the salon flat. Charlie tells Tracy that No.6 is his and if anyone's moving out she is. Bill spoils the girls; he buys Sophie the new dance shoes she wanted and Rosie a voucher for clothes. Frankie suggests to Danny they should move to Spain to be near Warren. Secretly she wants to distance herself from Jamie.


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