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Maria's furious with Charlie and storms round to No.6 determined to tell Tracy everything. Charlie tries his best to stop her. Norris arrives back from Budapest but Rita's still there in a hospital bed. Norris asks Ken to stay on at The Kabin until she returns. Maria tells Tracy all about her affair with Charlie. Charlie tries to make Maria out to be a liar and a fantasist. Tracy pushes Maria out on to the street where a crowd forms to watch. Tracy calls Maria a liar until Maria tells Tracy she knows where Charlie's tattoo is. Bill Webster arrives back in Weatherfield. He takes Kevin to the Rovers for a drink. Chesney pretends he's thirteen and blags a job as a paper boy at The Kabin. Charlie tries to convince Tracy that Maria meant nothing but Tracy's incandescent with rage. Deirdre's worried sick about Tracy but Tracy tells her to keep her nose out. Hayley tells Emily she'd like to do some voluntary work for the church. Maria pours her heart out to Fiz saying how stupid she's been. Tracy tries to throw Charlie out but he breaks down and refuses to go.


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