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Tracy's annoyed when she finds insolent David loitering in the back garden. Charlie's quietly unnerved. Gail tells Sarah and David the educational welfare officer recommended the whole family should go for counselling. Sarah's sceptical about it. Danny's delighted that he and Frankie spent the night in the same bed. Frankie pretends to be pleased too. Charlie and Jason discover their vandalised van. Charlie's furious and secretly suspects David's behind it. Blanche tries to get Ken to give her freebies from The Kabin but to no avail. Maria's upset when she overhears Tracy telling Deirdre how much Charlie loves her. She confronts Charlie but he denies it saying that Tracy's just mad. Charlie receives an anonymous card which reads "Tut, tut, what will Tracy say?". When Bev's rude to Sarah, Jason defends her and Sarah starts to warm to Jason again much to Gail's chagrin. It would have been Fred's birthday and Bev's upset when The Kabin accidentally delivers his Golfing Life magazine. Gail lays down the law and insists the whole family attends therapy sessions. Angry Charlie threatens David but David's unfazed and tells Charlie if he lays one finger on him then he'll tell Tracy about his affair with Maria.


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  • TV Times synopsis: David attempts to intimidate Charlie by whistling at Tracy and turning up in the couple's garden, but the burly builder warns him to back off; Gail's suggestion of counselling goes down like a lead balloon with Sarah and Audrey; and Frankie goes to Jamie's to collect her clothes, and tells him that Danny is the one she loves.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,220,000 viewers (4th place).
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