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Kevin, Sally, Sophie and Bill set off for the station in search of Rosie. Maria meets Liam for a drink in the Rovers but starts to regret it when Charlie, who's obviously jealous, shoots daggers at her across the bar. Craig's gutted to find they've missed the train to Berlin. He spends the rest of their Euros on tickets to Mannheim where they can change on to the Berlin train. Drunken Bev sits crying over Fred at the bar. Liz helps her to bed. Liz asks Ashley where she stands over the Rovers now Bev doesn't want to sell it. Charlie follows Maria into the ladies' loos. He tells her not to screw up their relationship by messing around with Liam. As Craig and Rosie head for the train, Rosie looks at the screen saver of her family on her phone and tells Craig she can't go through with it. Maria cancels her date with Liam but agrees to let him walk her home. Charlie follows them. He threatens Liam telling him to leave Maria alone. Tracy sees this but thinks Charlie is just protecting Maria. As Craig's train pulls out, Rosie remains on the platform, distraught that she didn't kiss him goodbye and she'll never see him again. As Sally and Kevin search the station in a blind panic, Sally suddenly spots Rosie all alone. The Websters are reunited and tearfully hug each other with relief.


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