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Danny and Frankie have spent the night together. Frankie wonders if she's done the right thing. Knowing he won't see him again, Craig thanks Roy for everything he and Hayley have done for him. Sally, Kevin, Rosie, Sophie and Craig leave for Paris. Cilla declares there's nothing left to auction so Les suggests they sell the computer. Rita, Blanche and Sean are gossiping about Fred and Audrey when Ashley walks in. Ashley storms out offended whilst Rita tries to apologise. Jamie and Violet arrive back from Ibiza. When Jamie finds a half-dressed Danny in the house he goes ballistic and throws him out onto the street. Frankie and Sean drag him off. Violet's deeply worried at his outburst. Jamie has a go at Frankie for sleeping with Danny. She slaps him across the face. Audrey moves back home. She's deeply upset at Fred's death. Gail tries to comfort her. The Websters arrive in Paris where they're met by Kevin's dad Bill. Drunken Bev continues to make vitriolic jibes about Audrey and Fred. Liam chats up Maria and then walks her home. Charlie watches them on his monitor. Violet's upset by Jamie's behaviour. She feels sure he doesn't love her any more. Rosie and Craig excitedly discuss their planned getaway.


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