Lucille isn't glad she's passed her 11-plus because none of her friends are going to the Grammar School. She deliberately writes a bad essay about it, annoying Harry with her cheek and he threatens her with a smacking. Elsie is getting annoyed with Arthur's back-handed comments. Dot calls on Elsie, upset that she's had a row with Walter. Elsie is surprised when Walter Fletcher calls on her, offering to take her out that night. He invites Dot to tag along. Ena donates hairnets to Minnie and Albert's jumble sale collection. Brian Foley notices that Esther has had her hair done and offers to take her out. Elsie gets Dot to promise not to leave her alone with Walter. He is taken aback when he finds that she has a grandson. Lucille continues to complain about going to Grammar School. When she tears up her English book, Harry spanks her over his knee. Vince posts off a report on the Rovers to the brewery. Ena stands up for the Walkers' reputation to him. She is horrified to hear that Minnie had a free meal at Bonarti's Continental Cafe and says she's cadged off foreigners. Martha tells Ena that she's won third prize in the raffle - dinner at the cafe. Walter and the women return late. Dot is drunk and blames the ice in her gins. She staggers home leaving Elsie alone with Walter. He makes a play for her and Elsie decides to throw caution to the wind with him but he falls asleep before he can do anything.


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  • A customer in the Rovers is uncredited although he has lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times: The warm, human story of a street full of ordinary people; their hopes and their dreams; their laughter and their tears(This generic synopsis did not appear in all regional editions)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 4,937,000 homes (3rd place).

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Elsie Tanner (about her hair): "I was at the tender age of fourteen when I first started hitting the dye bottle."

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