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Bev's still in her wedding dress, bereft and hung-over. Gail quizzes Audrey wondering if she was having an affair with Fred. Audrey's hurt that Gail could think such a thing and storms out. The factory is rife with gossip about Audrey's alleged affair with Fred. Ashley's a broken man realising how much he'll miss his dad. Danny persuades Frankie to have dinner with him at the weekend. Les is furious to discover Cilla has sold his Status Quo-signed jacket on the internet. Distraught Bev hits the gin hoping to dull the pain, convinced Fred and Audrey were having an affair behind her back. Rita talks to Audrey about the fact Fred was with Audrey when he died. She likens the situation to Len's death on his way back from seeing his mistress. Kirk takes Fiz for another driving lesson. After another major falling-out, Fiz declares she doesn't want to learn to drive any more. Feeling guilty over her secret plans, Rosie gives Sally a hug. Sally's touched. Audrey visits Fred in the chapel of rest. She talks candidly of her love for him and how sorry she is for causing him such a dilemma. Gail's relieved, realising there was no affair going on. Drunken Bev storms into the chapel of rest shouting the odds at Audrey. Ashley's close behind and he too blames Audrey for Fred's death.


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