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David proudly tells Craig and Rosie how he's left school and nobody can force him to go back. David calls in the salon and asks Audrey if he can spend the evening at her house, but Audrey gives him short shrift. Maria's sympathetic and it's obvious David fancies her. Kirk gives Fiz another driving lesson. She scares him half to death as she nearly runs over Bev who's crossing the road. Fred watches Bev and Joshua doing the cooking and realises just how much he loves her. Craig and Rosie are appalled at Cilla and Yana's lack of knowledge of Cyprus where they've just returned from holiday. They vow they'll never turn out like that. Rosie and Craig hatch a secret plan to go to Paris for the weekend and then catch a train to Berlin as they plan to run away together. Claire arrives back from hospital. She's nervous but Ashley helps her feel at home. He tells her how sorry he is for sending her to hospital but Claire's grateful to him now realising she needed help. Audrey finds it awkward when Bev insists on discussing wedding hairstyles with her. Sally's delighted when Rosie announces they're up for the weekend in Paris. She's unaware of her daughter's secret plans.


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