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David refuses to go back to school. Gail's at the end of her tether. Charlie's treading on eggshells with Tracy. She's enjoying making him pussyfoot around her. Sally tells Rita about the Paris trip and how ungrateful Rosie doesn't want to go. Rita offers to have Rosie stay with her. Ken and Deirdre are at their wits' end wishing Tracy would see Charlie for the conniving, manipulative man that he is. Ashley's delighted when Claire tells him that she's coming home tomorrow. Rosie's mortified when Sally tells her that she's arranged for her to stay at Rita's flat while they're away in Paris. Maria's worried when Tracy tells her how she's enjoying making Charlie work at their relationship. David's furious to find Gail's removed his television and his PlayStation and refuses to give them back until he agrees to attend school. Audrey gives Fred a manicure. She cries as she admits to Fred she turned him down because she stupidly thought she could do better. Fred asks Audrey if he were to propose to her again what her answer would be. Tearfully Audrey tells him that she would've said yes.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fred struggles to deal with Audrey's feelings and is shocked by her reply when he asks how she would react if he were to propose to her again; Gail is frustrated when David refuses to go to school; and Rosie and Craig plot to avoid going on holiday with the Websters.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,130,000 viewers (3rd place).
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