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Hung-over Jamie begs Sean not to repeat what he said about fancying Frankie. Jamie pretends it was the drink talking and he didn't mean it. Charlie tries to win Tracy round but to no avail. Fred goes shopping for a wedding present for Bev. He takes Audrey with him. Audrey becomes emotional wishing she was marrying Fred instead. Blanche is desperate to find out what's gone on between Tracy and Charlie but Ken and Deirdre refuse to tell her. At Weatherfield High, deputy head Mrs Smith tells Gail and David that she's conducted a full investigation into David's bullying allegations but can find no evidence to support his story. Gail finally gets David to crack and admit he was lying about being bullied. After Audrey helps Fred pick out a beautiful watch for Bev, he takes her for lunch as a thank-you and Audrey lets slip that she still has feelings for him. Sean assures Violet that Jamie is not gay. When Violet asks him if Jamie fancies anyone else Sean lies, saying not. Violet's unconvinced. Violet and Jamie leave for their holiday in Ibiza. Kevin tells Sally that Bill's anniversary present is a trip to Paris. Fred's in turmoil realising that Audrey, who he's always loved, still has feelings for him.


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