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Bev has a trial run on her wedding make-up. Sean asks Jamie if he fancies a night out on Canal Street, at Violet's instigation. Jamie agrees, thinking it will be a laugh. Fred and Bev entertain Audrey, Emily and Rita in the Rovers. When Rita starts talking about how much she will miss Fred and Bev when they have gone it all becomes too much for Audrey who heads to the ladies' for a little weep. On her return she is put in an even more awkward position when Fred asks her to accompany him on a shopping trip to buy a special present for Bev. Sean and Jamie hit the gay bars. Sean admits he fancies Jamie and wonders if he feels the same. Sean's embarrassed when Jamie makes it clear he's straight. Heartbroken Tracy packs a few things and tells Charlie she and Amy are moving back to No.1 as she needs time to think. Sean tells Jamie it's obvious he's not in love with Violet. Jamie gets upset and admits to Sean he's in love with Frankie. Sean's horrified. Tracy arrives home with Amy much to Ken and Deirdre's relief. Charlie spends more time with Maria. Jamie pleads with Sean not to tell anyone about his infatuation with Frankie.


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