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Bev guiltily admits to Fred she told Deirdre about Shelley's pregnancy. The factory girls are relieved Danny and Liam seem to be getting on a bit better. Violet wants to do some holiday shopping. She suggests they invite Sean and Jamie's immediately keen on the idea. Violet sees this as more evidence he's gay. Danny finds out from Frankie that she finished with Liam, not the other way round. Ken and Deirdre break the news to Tracy that Shelley is pregnant with Charlie's baby. Tracy storms round to the Rovers to have it out with Shelley. Shelley pretends she made the whole thing up but Tracy can tell she's lying. A fight ensues and Fred has to forcibly throw Tracy out. Shelley's livid with Bev for opening her mouth to Deirdre. Feeling utterly betrayed, Tracy goes home and sobs her heart out. Danny gets Liam to admit that Frankie finished with him. Violet's hoping for a quiet night with Jamie. She's disappointed to discover Frankie will be eating with them. Charlie arrives in Birmingham for his night with Maria. He phones Tracy pretending he's on a stag night. Tracy suppresses her anger and pretends everything's fine telling him that she can't wait to see him again. After putting the phone down she sits brooding in the dark.


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