Audrey looks after the kids while Ashley visits Claire in hospital. Jamie's put out when Liam calls at No.7, barges his way in and makes himself at home. Frankie's amused and pleased to see him. Fred and Bev cut short their holiday and arrive back early as they're concerned about Ashley and Claire. Ashley visits Claire. She's upset feeling he betrayed her. He tells her he only did it because he loves her but she refuses to listen. Fiz is fed up of rowing with Kirk so asks Les to give her driving lessons instead. But her plan is thwarted when Steve points out the car's not insured for Fiz. Violet confides in Eileen that living with Jamie isn't turning out to be as great as she'd hoped. Danny arrives back and almost collides with Paul's car. Paul and Danny have a slanging match. Liam tries to defuse the situation. When Bev takes Michelle into the back of the Rovers for a quiet word, Liz hopes she's going to sack her. Liz is horrified when Michelle announces she's had her hours and her wages increased. Danny calls on Adam to see how things have been at the factory. He can't understand why Adam is so chipper.


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