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Kelly arrives for work in sensible clothes and trainers. Hayley compliments her. Sean's excited as it's his thirtieth birthday. Liam pumps Hayley for gossip about Danny. Hayley tells him about the affair with Leanne. Hayley's pleased when Liam offers her more responsibility as supervisor. The social worker and the doctor visit Claire. The doctor diagnoses postnatal depression and prescribes some tablets but Claire refuses to take them. Norris continues to gripe about a free pen which Rita claimed for herself. Fiz insists Kirk gives her a driving lesson in the kennels' van. She becomes frustrated when he won't let her start the engine but prefers to test her on theory. Paul has a look round the Underworld factory. He's impressed with his investment. Ashley and Claire take baby Thomas for a walk. While they're out Claire shoves the pram out of frustration. The pram ends up in the road. Thomas is fine but Ashley's shocked and Claire's mortified, not trusting herself. Hayley's worried she was indiscreet and told Liam too much about Danny. Liam takes Frankie for a night out to see a band. Ashley tells Audrey how worried he is about Claire and what happened to baby Thomas.


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