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Ashley apologises to Hayley about Claire's behaviour. Hayley accepts his apology although Roy still feels aggrieved at what went on. Claire pretends she's going to visit her mum again. She sits in a cafe idling away the time while Ashley looks after Thomas. Steve tries to apologise to Michelle for the comments she overheard between him and Liz. Michelle gives him the brush-off. Michelle explains to Liam that Hayley's the transsexual and not Frankie. Liam apologises to Frankie for thinking she was a bloke. Frankie just thinks he's odd. Liam offers to buy Adam's share of Underworld from him. Adam says he wants £150,000 for his 40% share. David skives off school only to be caught by Sarah. He spins her another lie saying he's being bullied again. Sarah tells Gail but to her amazement Gail believes him. Sean and the factory girls plan a karaoke night for Sean's thirtieth birthday. Jamie asks Violet to move in to No.7 with him and Frankie. Liam asks his brother Paul to put up the money to buy Adam's share of the factory. Paul suggests they offer £75,000 and says he'll think about it.


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