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Ashley calls round at Yvonne Casey's house in a panic but there's no reply. Cilla uses Chesney's computer to start auctioning all their possessions seeing it as a licence to print money. David insists he's been to school. Sarah's suspicious whereas Gail's relieved. Ashley confronts Claire about her family crisis. She's hostile towards him insisting she's been visiting her dying mum. Violet suggests to Jamie they should get a place together. Jamie agrees but later changes his mind, saying he can't leave Frankie on her own. Violet's disappointed. Ashley tells Claire next time she visits her mum he's coming with her. Claire inwardly panics. Claire spots a bruise on Thomas's arm. She storms round to the cafe and slaps Hayley, accusing her of child abuse. Hayley's distraught as Ashley drags Claire home. Liam tells Michelle he fancies the woman who runs the cafe. Michelle thinks he means Hayley and explains she's a transsexual. Liam's gobsmacked thinking Frankie's had a sex change. Claire wants to report Hayley to the police. Ashley has to restrain her. Frankie can't make out why Liam's suddenly being cool towards her. When Ashley tries to make Claire see she's behaving strangely, she turns on him and accuses Ashley of thinking she hurt her own son.


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