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Ashley tries to talk to Claire about her mum's illness but Claire just snaps at him. It's the first day of term for David. Sarah suspects he's still playing truant. Adam's furious with Danny to find he's not paid the material supplier and as a result they're refusing to supply any more. He sends the factory machinists home. Liam flirts with Frankie in the cafe and tries to talk her into a date. Chesney gets a cheque from the internet auction site where he's sold his Action Man set. He gives Cilla the £15 towards the household bills but she and Les spend it in the Rovers. Ashley takes Joshua for his first day at school. Claire pretends she's visiting her mum and foists the baby onto Hayley, pretending it's an emergency. Kelly and Sean try to chat up Liam and tell him about the factory problems. Liam tells Adam that his brother Paul is in the rag trade and can help him out with the fabric he needs. Adam's grateful. Eileen apologises to Sarah for all the grief both Jason and Todd have caused her. Ashley's concerned that Claire's forgotten to pick up Joshua. Hayley tells him Claire's had a family crisis which is why she's looking after the baby. Claire whiles away the time in a cafe rather than spend any time with her newborn.


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