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Claire turns up just as Ashley smashes the taxi window and rescues the baby from the car. He demands to know what's wrong with her but Claire's in a daze. Charlie takes the mickey out of Jason who's trying to write a love letter to Sarah. Charlie tells Maria he'll call round at 6.00pm. He lies to Tracy saying he's got to work late and he'll see her at 8.00pm. Jason tells Kirk what an idiot he's been and how he wants Sarah back. Kirk tells him a love letter's no use and he needs to do something bigger and better. Molly moves into No.9 with Tyrone, Jack and Vera. Amber asks Kevin for a job at the garage. Dev's horrified at the idea of Amber becoming a mechanic. Jason puts up a bed sheet on which it says "Sarah. I luv u sorry babe. x." Later Norris hands him the sheet which Sarah has ripped down and used to parcel up Jason's belongings. Claire lies to Ashley telling him that her mother's dying of cancer and that's why she's been behaving oddly. Ashley's really worried about her. Tracy catches Charlie locking the yard early. Maria watches as Tracy leads him home. Maria's depressed realising their date is off. Ashley confides in Eileen about Claire's mum and how worried he is about Claire.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ashley is furious after finding the baby seemingly abandoned in the car, but his anger with Claire turns to shock when she reveals terrible news; and Jason tries to impress Sarah with a big romantic gesture.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,350,000 viewers (1st place).
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