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Gail makes snide remarks about Jason to Eileen. She's furious when Eileen tells her Jason's home to stay. Ashley's again bemused when Claire takes offence for no apparent reason. Charlie and Maria flirt in the street until they see Jason approaching. Jason's grateful when Charlie tells him he's still got a job. Claire arrives at Street Cars demanding the keys to one of the taxis as she says she needs to get the baby off to sleep. Eileen's puzzled as the baby looks quite happy. Norris and Rita play "Animal, Vegetable or Mineral" in The Kabin. Claire parks the taxi and walks off leaving the baby in the back. Craig chats to David about what it's like living with the Croppers. Jason's painting the railings outside No.6 for Charlie. The residents start telling Jason what they think of him for jilting Sarah. Amber arrives back from Finland. She's intrigued by the row going on on the street. Jason declares he still loves Sarah and intends to win her back. Tyrone and Molly are delighted when Jack and Vera say they're more than happy for Molly to move into No.9. Roy and Hayley are pleased when Craig says he's spending the evening in with them. Eileen gets a call to say Claire's left the baby alone in the taxi. She alerts Ashley.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Claire goes for a drive with the baby but leaves him alone in the car; Sarah makes it clear she's not going to forgive Jason for the wedding fiasco; and Maria tries to arrange a rendezvous with Charlie.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,270,000 viewers (2nd place).
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