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Claire looks disapprovingly over the garden fence as Tracy in a bikini continuously kisses Charlie. Sally and Sophie get ready to leave for their caravan holiday, Rosie leaves with them for her holiday with Laura in Devon. Kevin and Craig see them off. Sarah puts on a brave face and goes for a drink in the Rovers. Danny hands over the reins of the factory to Adam while he goes to visit Warren. Maria asks Joanne if she'd like to move in with her and share the rent. Joanne's delighted and Maria says she'll check with Charlie. Kevin invites Craig round to No.13 to have fish and chips and watch the football. Charlie's annoyed when Joanne asks him if it's alright for her to move in with Maria. Ashley's shocked when he arrives home to find Claire interviewing a child minder. Charlie's cross with Maria. Maria gets upset explaining she can't afford the rent on her own. Charlie then comforts her and they start kissing. He lies to Maria telling her how Tracy aborted their baby against his wishes and he's only staying with her until he sells the house so he can give her half the money. Maria's completely taken in and leads him to the bedroom. Claire accuses Ashley of questioning her parenting skills. Ashley's totally bemused. Jason arrives back. He tells Sarah how sorry he is and begs for another chance but Sarah's hurt and upset and tells him it's over. Jason's devastated.


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