Stan begins his new job, unhappy with his lot in life. Len and Jerry replace the kitchen sink in No.11 with a modern unit. Ena tells Jack that the Social Security have agreed to trace Bob Lomax. Vera tells Len she never wants to see her husband again. Puzzled, he asks her why Ena wanted help tracing him. Elsie's strange man, Percy Bridge, hangs around the Rovers looking for work. Vera looks for her mother, worrying Jack. Stan upsets Annie when he comes into the Rovers in his dirty work clothes. The residents worry that the unemployment situation will get like the depression. Elsie sees Percy in the street and asks him to explain the cryptic comment he made in the Rovers. He hesitates but then tells her it was he who pulled Paul from the canal. She tells her how grateful she is. When questioned, Ena lies to Vera that it was Colin she wanted to trace. She reaches breaking point as Vera, her headaches raging, accuses her of not caring for her. Elsie gives Percy £2 as a reward. Hilda fusses over Stan who is unhappy with his job. Ena confesses to Jack that she wishes it were all over and done with. He tells her that he'll send over a drop of brandy for her. Stan and Jerry argue in the Rovers when Jerry says Stan no longer has the strength to do his coal-shifting job. Ena finds Vera dead in bed. Jack, returning with the brandy, comforts her.


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