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It's Adam's first day back at Underworld as co-owner but he decides to take the day off to show Danny he won't be pushed around. Maria and Hayley help Sarah with her wedding preparations. Gail leaves for work adamant she's not attending the wedding. Sarah puts on a brave face. Charlie, who's best man, tries to persuade Eileen to attend the wedding but to no avail. Bethany practises her wedding song "A Whole New World" in front of Gail. It's obvious that Gail's feeling very emotional but she covers up. Roy and Hayley take a look at Craig's squat and are appalled. They agree with Sally he should come and live with them but must check with Angela and Keith first. Audrey has a last unsuccessful attempt at changing Gail's mind about the wedding. Adam's plan backfires when Danny tells him he's pleased he didn't bother turning up for work as he'd rather he was only a sleeping partner. Liz is annoyed when Michelle arrives late for work but is an instant hit with the customers. Sarah, Bethany, Jason and Charlie leave for the register office. Gail and Eileen watch from a distance, both upset.


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