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Joanne's spent the night at No.1 She and Adam are hung-over. Both Jason and Sarah try separately to persuade Eileen and Gail to attend the wedding but they still refuse, citing the whole thing as a big mistake. Jason's chuffed when Todd phones and gives him his blessing. Sally's annoyed when Kevin says he wont be able to go on their caravanning holiday as he's too busy at the garage. It's agreed that Sally and Sophie will go, and he'll stay and look after Rosie who's refusing to leave Craig. Charlie enters into Maria's flat while she's out and removes a couple of fuses. Gail and Eileen go for a drink in the Rovers and realise for once they agree in that neither of them approves of the wedding. Michelle works a trial shift at the pub. Liz is put out and annoyed with Vernon for arranging it. Maria discovers she has no electricity. Charlie comes over to "fix" the fuse box. Maria's grateful and its obvious that she fancies him. In a last-ditch attempt, Sarah and Jason beg Gail and Eileen to attend the wedding but to no avail. Jason tries to comfort Sarah who's very upset.


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