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Sarah's bought a wedding dress from a charity shop but it's too big. Hayley and Fiz agree to alter it for her. Danny's angry that Leanne and Janice are now off the hook but he's the one who had to give away 40% of his business to get the charges dropped. Kevin and Sally plan a family night in with a takeaway. Rosie promises to be back home by 7.30pm. Bethany tries on her bridesmaid dress and Gail feels totally left out. Adam tells Ken, Deirdre and Blanche that he's handed in his notice at King's Robes. Fred tells Bev he's found them a nice cottage near Shelley's pub in the Peak District and suggests they should consider retiring there. Rosie falls asleep with Craig in the squat and doesn't hear her mobile. Kevin and Sally are angry but then worried when Rosie fails to return home. Danny lies to Frankie telling her he knew nothing about Mikes second will. Hayley, Fiz and Audrey spend an evening in the factory altering Sarah's dress. Liz agrees to look after the Rovers while Fred and Bev are away. Charlie tells Jason and Sarah he's paid for them to spend their wedding night in the honeymoon suite of a hotel. Maria's impressed. Kevin and Sally frantically phone round Rosie's friends but to no avail.


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