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Tracy's pleasant to Joanne, but Adam and Blanche see through her ploy to get closer to Adam's money. Frankie informs Deirdre she doesn't think Danny knew about the will, but Deirdre's forced to side with Adam. Claire again foists the baby on Audrey at the salon. Tracy's angry when Charlie pulls out of the trip to Portsmouth to see Peter at the last minute. Sally's concerned when she thinks Craig's going to monopolise Rosie when she returns. Eileen and Gail make a pact refusing to acknowledge the wedding. Maria notices that David's teasing is getting to Sarah and offers to help her organise the wedding. Bev's worried that Claire is trusting Audrey with the baby and not her. Claire continues her "supermum" routine preparing the lounge walls for redecorating. Gail is put out to hear Roy offering his and Hayley's services to make Jason and Sarah a wedding cake and Bev's offer to put on their wedding reception. Frankie urges Danny to do right by Mike. He goes round to see Adam. Facing a hostile atmosphere, he offers Adam 10% of the factory, but Adam rejects it.


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