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Adam's preparing to celebrate with Joanne, but when Danny sees him with a bottle of champagne that he's just bought, he makes it clear he won't make it easy for Adam. While Tracy and Blanche are ready to play hardball for Adam, with his money in mind, Ken and Deirdre realise that they should get the advice of a solicitor. Roy ascertains that Keith is still in Bournemouth and Craig still has regular contact with his grandfather. Eileen follows Jason round trying to persuade him to call off the wedding. Audrey offers to look after the Peacocks' baby while Claire runs some errands. Adam and Ken see Mr Blake, the solicitor, who tells them they have a strong case against Danny. Danny insists it will be business as normal in the factory. But when his solicitor arrives he tells Danny he's on shaky ground with this new will and advises him to try and settle out of court. When Bev realises that Claire asked Audrey to look after the baby, she feels snubbed. Jason and Sarah try and work on their mothers in the Rovers, but neither will be persuaded that the wedding is a good idea. Bev tells Jason and Sarah that she'll lay on a reception for them at the pub. Danny faces the wrath of the Barlow clan in the Rovers. He refuses to back down promising to drag the case through the courts.


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