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Adam phones his solicitor and tells Ken, Deirdre and Blanche that this new will postdates the one that gives everything to Danny. Charlie persuades Tracy to cancel their trip to Portsmouth to see Peter, only later to change his mind. Sarah agrees to marry Jason and they rush off to the register office to confirm the date. Maria agrees to move into Charlie's flat that evening. She ropes in David and Kirk to help. Adam stops Danny in the street and announces to the crowd that he has a copy of a second will. Danny tries to cover and lies to Adam saying he's never seen the will before, and it's probably a fake. Adam tells Frankie and Jamie about the second will, vowing to fight Danny for everything. Danny rings Leanne's mobile leaving a drunken message for her. Sally confronts Cilla in the Rovers over the horror DVD, but Les and Cilla refuse to take parenting advice from her. Jason and Sarah tell shocked Eileen and Gail that the wedding is back on and will take place in two weeks. Both mums get annoyed and refuse to attend. As Jamie, Adam, Violet and Joanne celebrate the new will in the Rovers, Danny leaves Leanne one last message telling her that her scheme won't work, before promising to kill her if he ever sees her again.


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