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David's back working in the salon and Sarah teases him about Maria cutting his hair. Jason interrupts pleading with Sarah to give him another chance, but Sarah doesn't want to hear. Janice remains tight-lipped as Danny prepares to meet Leanne for the will to be handed over. Cameron suggests Chesney borrows one of Les's horror DVD's and they watch it at No.13. As Leanne hands over the will, she makes one last plea to Danny, but he throws it back at her blaming her for splitting up his whole family. She leaves for Spain, but unbeknown to Danny stops off at No.1 and hands Blanche an envelope for Adam. Jason tries to quiz Maria and David in the cafe about Sarah. Danny brings Janice into the Underworld office, and they broker a deal never to mention Leanne or the wills again. Sally finds the kids watching the horror DVD, rated "18" and orders them out. Jason seeks out Sarah; he's booked a provisional date at the register office for their wedding, two weeks away. All she needs to do is say yes. Sarah's speechless. Adam returns to find Ken, Deirdre and Blanche staring at the envelope. He opens it to reveal a copy of Mike's genuine last will.


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