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There's a poisonous atmosphere as Leanne packs the last of her belongings up at the flat. Fred is fretting that Ashley and Claire haven't chosen a name for the baby. Keith's planning to look for Craig when Craig arrives on the street. He lies, saying he slept on a mate's couch. Feeling sorry for himself, Danny finds Leanne at Janice's flat and tells her there are things they need to sort out. He persuades her to come for lunch. Unable to persuade Craig to come back with him to Bournemouth, Keith agrees to let him stay and promises to put some money in his account each month. Charlie notices Maria looking for a flat to rent and offers her his flat on a cheap deal. She accepts. Keith returns to Bournemouth alone and as Craig also makes to leave, Kevin reminds him that there's room at No.13. Danny and Leanne enjoy a last expensive lunch together wondering how things might have turned out. Jason tries to plead with Sarah telling her he still wants to get married, but she throws it back in his face. Back at the flat, Leanne tells Danny it's not too late to go back to the way things were but Danny insists it's over. As he leaves Leanne in the bedroom, she pulls out two hidden copies of the will, one of which she intends to keep for herself.


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